Hello world!

I am if you look at me from the outside…a lil girl. 
My current weight is 125 lbs…give or take a few Starbucks butter crossiants…lol…
I maintain these days…I jog/run on the treadmill, lift weights, functional training, and I  am even certified to teach yoga (OM, Sivananda)…but lets face it and we all know…once you are Obese…your always Obese… Because unfortunately…It is the mind that is Obese!
So how does one cope? KeepSkinny?  I do not think I have all the answers…But Collectively we may…
America is the BIGGEST IS HAS EVER BEEN! AHH!  As a nation we are dropping all the balls so to speak…Trading Sports and Moving…for video games and sitting… What is one to do?? 
 Move as much as you can…And the next day move somemore… My journey with exercising starts and ends in my head…Ask my Husband…I am nicer on the days I workout, Calmer on the days I workout…Hell, I am actually me on the days I workout! It can be that simple!  But it never really is…So I make myself move…

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