My Legs are Screaming…You Can Over Do it!

Paddling, Running, Heavy Leg Squats…what was I thinking??

This last few days I have been a lil tough on myself. Every move today is painful…the good kind of soar…but too much of it!
Paddling at South Beach in Boca was a blast and easier than I thought. The day before’s leg workout made these 30 year old legs feel like 80 year old legs. 3 sets(20 each side) step-ups with 30 lbs over head press
3 sets 10 jump squats
3 sets medicine call sqaut chops
Band chest press and lunges
2 mile run

I am still eating like a maniac…7…on 1-10 scale…

Off to LUSH tomorrow to get bathbombs…with muscle release:)

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