Keep the Promises You Make…

It never seems that bad once it is over…exercise…I ran 2 miles, did Bicep Curls and 100 oblique crunches.

Soul Coughing/ Super Bon Bon and Circles
Raul Midon/ Sunshine
Busta Rythmes/ Hustler’s Anthem
Missy Elliott/Pass the Dutch and Make it
Cold Play/Viva la Vida
Suzanne Vega/Tom’s Diner
Sublime/What I Got

I love Sublime…I highly recommend ending with the same happy song every workout.

Now comes the hard part…I can’t stuff my face all night…

Recommendations I heard today included…-going to bed early
-eating a plum and savoring the pit
-brushing your teeth to stop from eating

I am happy to hear any and all bright ideas…I find having to write/type what I am eating keeps me in check.

Happy Journaling Skinny!

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