10 Reasons to Exercise This Holiday Season

1-To keep your temper when relatives expectations are not the same as yours

2-So your butt does not resemble Santa’s

3-So you can taste the cookies, pies and cupcakes…to make sure they are yummy enough for your guests

4-So you can wear that cute BEBE dress

5-Latkas…need I say more

6-Holidays are stressful…Cardio fights stress!!!!!

7-It is finally not 100 degrees out most places(even tough it still feels like July here)

8-Helps you sleep through the visions of sugar plums

9-Because new years resolutions are over-rated!

10-So you can attend and eat at an event catered By DivineDiningFlorida.com…Delish!!!!

One thought on “10 Reasons to Exercise This Holiday Season

  1. This is great!!!! Finally reasons to exercise that make sense to me… especially like the reason to work out is so that I can eat DivineDiningFlorida food!!!! Best reason EVER!!!! I never thought about how exercising can help me sleep better and reduce stress – and the excuses of it being too hot are not working also right now – guess I better get my running shoes on!!!


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