Skinny and Sick!

So today is a great day to dream up new playlists to run to or healthy cupcake flavors, but home sick in bed is no fun for those of us who love to run daily.
In all honesty my runs have been few and far between…Amsterdam in November really knocked me off the wagon…does this mean the skinny chef is skipping her exercise??

NOPE! I bought a jump rope, have added a bit more yoga,do push-ups,crunches, and have also been a holiday work-a-holic which helps with calorie burning:)

Remember exercise is important…but Balance is more important…eating well, getting rest(I am working on this one:) and finding time to Meditate and Play.

So home sick sucks, but I can still Meditate, Play and Eat well.

There you have it…Skinny and Sick…and Glass half full!

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