8 Weeks to a New You in the New Year!

I am loving my 8 week program with Kinetics…when all else seems to dull…kick start your program.

Kinetics offers an easy was to train, an online community to cheer ya on, recipes for food ya with flavor ya will actually eat and enjoy and sooooo much more. 

 I am usually not in favor of these programs, because the strict rules aren’t always easy to fit into a regular schedule, and a lot of them are not safe…especially for those of ya who are just starting your journey to better health…but Kinetics is a 30 min commitment 6 days a week!  It is easy to follow through and the trainers police your goals in a friendly and helpful way!

I am on day 4 of my journey with Kinetics…not gonna lie…leg workout kicked my butt yesterday.  I have been doing great with cardio, but strength training had totally gone on my back burner during the holidays.  Getting back on track Monday made me feel like a million bucks!!!!

If ya do anything in this new year(new decade) make time to exercise and eat well…if ya don’t have your health…ya have nothing!!!

My goal at the end of the 8 weeks is to be lower and body fat and running 5 miles with ease…Join me!!!! Send your goals to Bloomyoga@aol.com or post them right here!


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