Work out…working it in…

How do ya fit a workout into an already busy day? This is a very common question. 

 I always try to tell people that making time for yourself…to de-stress…and get those endorphins going is curial to your survival.  Think about exercise like eating, sleeping, breathing even…we need these things to function at full capacity…exercise my friends is no different!  Exercise helps keep us young, healthy, strong, and most importantly sane!

 I started my workout today at 3:45pm, late for me…but my workouts are coming later and later these days…BETTER LATE  THAN NEVER!

I’ll do it, but just a lil later(Read “Morgan and Me” Serendipity Books) One of my favorite children’s stories with a moral I can relate to…Don’t get into this habit with me!  Danger!  I am pushing threw these last few weeks, and I know deep down it is worth it.  After each workout I feel the rewards,  really I do!  I won’t lie and say that it is easy to get the motivation to really move daily.  I can say without a doubt that I am a better Ursula on the days that included a great workout! 

Working a workout into a crazy schedule just requires dedication…do it no matter what!  Make a pact with a buddy, join a support group, keep a workout journal, start a before or after work group; there are so many ways to stick with your workouts…especially how it makes ya feel!

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