Working off the Mojito

Date nights with my hubby are a rare and treasured event…so they are usually celebrated with great food and better drinks.  What is the saying a minute on the lips?? 

Last night we enjoy a live show at Monterrey’s in Delray (If ya have not heard Griffin Anthony…ya must!  and if ya have not had a shrimp po-boy…Monterrey’s does this NOLA chef pretty proud!  I was in po-boy/mojito heaven last night!  And now my friends it is time to work it off:)

Today is all about the jump rope!  I like to do this fun cardio to break this up a bit…the same workouts can get really boring…and it is good to shock your body with new quick movements!  Plymetrics(basically a fancy word for jumping) if ya are fit enough to handle are a great wake ya up workout!

I have another scheduled lunch date today and I want to enjoy these calorie fests without guilt…So JUMP JUMP JUMP!

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