Proof is in the Pictures!

This is me and my lil sister in1998 and in 2008.  I have struggled with a love/hate relationship with food and sometimes my sense of self for most of my life.  In recent years, I have learned to love moving and to eat when I am hungry.  I no longer feed all my emotions. 

 In December 1998 I was at my heaviest weight 180lbs. This Picture of Marietta and I above  was a real wake up call to me…that and mix of medical issues related to my poor health.  My wedding picture (above) is the weight I have been comfortably at since 2000…I am so thankful to be celebrating 10 years of healthy eating and exercise in this new decade! 

 Most importantly I want for ya to see where I started.  It is still sometimes a challenge to get moving and stop eating (especially cupcakes), but the way exercise and eating well has made me feel and look is worth so much to me…I have to/want to keep moving , keepskinny, and hopefully keep motivating all of ya’ll! 

Join the Cupcake Challenge 2010 today!

It is never too late to get in shape! Start today! Join me over the next 3 months in preparing for our Walk/Run with purpose.

Join the Cupcake Challenge Today!

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