Yoga is my Zen!

The weather in south Florida is PERFECT! Sorry to brag Washington, Cleveland, etc, but WOW!!! GORGEOUS!!! But this is not a guarentee that I will be motivated to exercise…I was motivated to get out there and enjoy though.

 It was a perfect day to do some yoga in my court yard.  I have no idea why it never dawned on me before, but it was a perfect spot. My mat fits perfectly down the walk way.  I have a mirrored wall on one side.  I am surounded by rock and shell gardens(fond memories of vaca), and sometimes the most unlikely places can be peaceful and meditative.  Tommy my lab joined me with his tennis ball…this made things a lil tricky…lol…we did fetch between up/down dogs:)

I did several rounds of Sun Salutes and Warrior Series, met my friend for a cup of tea and it was a very relaxing morning:)  RELAXED from a workout…ya heard it here ladies.

I may still get in a run this afternoon…but if not I can feel at ease about my getting in a workout.

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