The Skinny on Sanity!

How does one keep skinny and sane with work deadlines, needy hubbies, beauty rituals, pets, families, traffic jams, jury duty and more?
One of my BFFs quit smoking and has taken up exercise and healthy eating!(YAY! So Proud!) And STRESS CITY! This is a huge step and a total change of lifestyle…maybe she should dye her hair, too…lol…J/J.
I do, however; advise any newcomer to remember that exercise is sanity, if it fits your individual routine, and needs it can be your saving grace. I have never smoked or quit…but I know your body is gonna feel different…WAY Different…this is stressful. A bit of fabulous news though…ya get to eat more, because ya are moving more:)

I am not a revolutionary, but a evolutionary…so here’s my tips for her and all ya’ll who are fearlessly changing your lives:

1.Breakfast is essential! I try to eat oatmeal with fresh fruit and non-fat milk or a spinach omelet with whole grain toast and sugar-free jam…Ya must eat something…no matter what! Breakfast is essential, because without it there will be no energy to exercise…especially if ya are already having a kaotic day.

2.Have Fun! Jump-rope, bike ride with a pal or to a destination, walk in an area of nature that ya admire, find a way to move that makes ya smile:)…if the workout isn’t work it is easier to fit it in to even the most stressful day!

3. Do it early…Do it first…

4. Enlist someone to police ya…or journal your progress…Have a friend call ya each evening and share workouts with one another…or write/blog your workouts so ya have your own record of how amazing ya stick to your routine…even under stress.

5.Let the music move ya…PLAYLISTS are a huge boost of positive energy…they can be a great source of motivation on a tough day and building them is a fun way to pass time when ya aren’t busy. See older blogs here for some good vibrations:)

6.Finally, if ya miss a day…don’t waste time beating yourself up or use it as an excuse to quite! Everyone needs off days…usually 2 a week…and sometimes sleep is a better de-stress method:)

The most important thing to remember is a balanced life is a saner, happier and healthier life. Change takes time and dedication, but boy does it pay off and help keep ya skinny:)


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