Move and Shake!

Today I have to schedule rest…lol…I did a half hour of yoga, a 45 run and Arms/Abs this am…painted a room including a ceiling this afternoon and well I have been moving and shaking all day!

See I told ya pretty soon ya will be here with me…needing to schedule the rest…not the workout:)

In preparation for the MS Walk and Autism Speaks Race in March (my cupcake challenge picks) I have been using the Urban Park setting on my treadmill. I walk/run and goodness is it hilly…up/down…up/down…
I am really looking forward to participating in these events. Both causes are near and dear to me…I have a close friend with MS and an uncle with Autism. Make your mark in March with me! Let the cause inspire ya to MOVE AND SHAKE! Join the Cupcake Challenge 2010…Be the Change you wish to see in the World…Change your Life!


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