Sleepy Wonderland

I slept in today…til 7:50am…I know some of ya are like WHAT? But seriously ask anyone…that is sleeping in for me:) Yesterday we had a photo shoot for “the Wonderland Collection” Stephanies’s Photos are gorgeous…the cakes where yummy and now I am SLEEPY!
The inner dialogue I am having with myself…treadmill vs. bed is quite funny. I truly need the run, but my I- POD is on 5% power and I can not run with no tunes. Maybe…a workout…a walk with Tommy…oh please let something inspire me other than my pillowcase…
This is all that muffins fault…I indulged in a full calorie blueberry muffin this am?! It was delish…and I won’t feel too guilty so long as I move today! I have had my day off already this week. Anything with sugar and carbs eaten too early causes me to crash…and yesterday I did not snack enough. Work is no excuse for getting off my schedule…so there ya have it…I have sucessfully talked myself into a workout:)

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