Inspired Living…

I never know where my inspiration will come from…A fat day? Maybe a genuine need to let off some steam.
My students give me inspiration, my friends new to exercise, but still plugging along…Inspiration is all around us! And if we are open to that inspiration we can keep skinny, keep focused and keep living a healthy lifestyle.
My run this am was a quick Miracle Mile(don’t ask me about the Miracle part…that is what my treadmill calls it) lol…It is no longer a miracle I get on it:)
The reason for this is all my inspiration!
After my run I attended my Bi-weekly WRW meeting…seems fitness is a bugger for most of us?! I try now to be the inspiration…I feel great on the days I exercise and eat reasonably! I feel FANTASTIC on the days I do cardio…REALLY…FANTASTIC(wish this was a bigger font). I try to tell everyone I meet how much exerciase and running have really changed my life. The proof is in my pictures and my spirit!
Get out there…get moving!

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