Out Sick 5 Days…Ahh…Recovery Workout…

I’ll take a soar throat over the stomach flu any day…unfortunately ya don’t get to choose…so after 5 days with this nasty bug I think I am finally ready to start a new. Thank God for muscle memory and Sarah (who carried the trays this week:)!

I’d love to say I’m gonna jump right back in full gorilla…full speed ahead…but the reality is that my body needs to ease back into my old routine. What does that mean for me? It means that I will start my runs back at 2 miles rather than my normal 3-4 and possibly lift 1 set less for the 1st week back. It doesn’t take long to get back to where ya were…it just takes a little extra energy and determination. After a break ya can also get tightness or soaness in muscles as a newbie would…don’t stress it is temporary and of course worth it!!!!!

Stay tuned for our April 1st Cupcake Challenge Post:)

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