Moving helps with Madness…

So…not everyday is a perfect day…DUH!

My schedule today has already changed like 6 times…Ahh!  I am fighting with the bank, my husband and a company that shipped my order wrong (for the 2nd time!) Another Ahh!  Sometimes I have to exercise just to stay sane…seriously.
Serotonin levels are improved almost instantly even if the problem ya are having isn’t.
Life is stressful and some of the things that happen to us are out of our control entirely, but how we choose to react to them is not! Negative energy channeled into a good workout is a huge success…but mentally and physically:)
Business slow, kids or hubby driving ya nuts?? Exercise! Rainy day got ya down?? Exercise! Feeling the weight of a fat day on your shoulders?? Exercise!
I am not saying that it is a cure all…or am I??
The bottom line is that moving makes the brain work sharper, the muscles harder/larger and the waistline smaller:)…all of these good reasons to go forth and run, lift, jump, and stretch!

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