The 5k…dum dum dum…

I have aspired to run a 5k since highschool.  I started training a while ago, but was running on my treadmill inside.

This would not be such a biggie except it is HOT HOT HOT in South FL and my race is outside at 6p.  It has been my mission over the last 3 weeks with the help of my friend Erin to retrain with the heat and outdoor terrain in mind.

This has been a welcome challenge and I am happy to report I am feeling ready for the 29th.  I am not running for time and to win…my competition has been with myself!

My next challenge is to start some kick boxing…I love my runs, yoga and lifting…but switching it up is a big part of what keeps me dedicated!!!

Exercise is my becoming my friend, therapist and favorite hobby…who knew!

Keep moving…Keep Skinny!

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