And The Bloody Knuckles to Show It…

This is week 3 of my boxing training at Extreme Fitness in Boca Raton…it would be an understatement to call this therapy!   I am enjoying the cardio, endurance and agility training a lot, but the best part is just getting to relieve stress in a new way by punching the bag!

This 50 minute workout is giving me definition in muscles I never knew I had and pushing my body to new levels both mentally and physically… Mixing this with my BoTiYoga and running was a brilliant build my body move… if I do say so myself!

I DO!  lol

Don’t worry it is not all bloody knuckles drills: We jump rope, jog, work our abs off and so much more!  This is a workout I highly recommend if ya are bored and need to mix it up!  Thanks for the invite Erin…now ya have to share with the masses forever!

I have managed to wrangle in Kiky and have several others slated to start boxing in the evening one day a week!  I love this!  Keeping Skinny and motivating others- my goals are totally being met!  Join us…get moving!!!  It is never too late to start a fitness routine, and don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast today, too!

Stay tuned for info on our BoTiYoga Video release party…for more info on BoTiYo send a request to

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