10 Ways to KeepingSkinny and Maintain your Vitality This Holiday Season

This holiday season I’d like to take a minute to explain KeepingSkinny is not just about what we look like or weigh… it is our state of mind.  A skinny mind is not narrow, but open to the less is more mentality.  During the holidays it is easy to get overwhelmed, over fed, to over spend, and well just plain spread too thin. In short in over our heads! 

And lets face it in this scenario the 1st thing to go is exercise and healthy eating, sleeping, playing, any and all this that add to our vitality.  BUMMER!

Fear not my KeepingSkinny friends…I have devised a ten step checklist that got me through Halloween and I can’t wait for Thanks giving!  Give this list your full commitment and I promise ya will make it to the ball drop!

1. Start everyday with an intention. A game plan…know where ya want to be and be there!  Living in the present is the best first step!

2. Remember it is the thought that counts…don’t buy just because or out of a self-imposed obligation, and especially not out of your price range.  Set a holiday budget.

PS Best new fad…Give the gift of an experience or your time!

3. Keep Moving…make time for 20 mins of exercising, snowball fights, jogging with friends at least every other day!

4. Make a list, Check it twice.  (a healthy grocery list…and stick to it)

5. Schedule no more than 2 holiday activities in the same week…it is about BALANCE!

6. I recently read LL Cool J is good all week and then enjoys a pig out day!  Luck him…nice 6 pack…I think it best to stick with a cheat party or event…a bi monthly cheat is less likely to spread over days:)

7. Dance and Sing!  Yes, out loud! On the treadmill, in the shower, or to the plants and dog.  Because anyone can and it makes ya smile!

8. Bake!  It warms the home, smells great, makes kids and adults a like smile. For Healthy recipes Cupcakechef.com

9. Spend time with those ya love in nature.

10. Get a good night’s rest!

I started KeepingSkinny with a personal intention to lead by example and it is my wish for ya all to find a place if not KeepingSkinny then somewhere to be inspired to take charge of your life, body and mind to reach your ultimate goals!

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