Posting Post Workout

Getting into a workout routine is a challenge for most people…myself included somedays still.

I started blogging in the hopes that it would inspire me to workout and post…post workout.  Alas, the days get too busy and I am happy most days just to get my workouts in. TIP: Schedule it…that is how ya get it done!!! 

With the intention of living a more paced and mindful life…I have decided to challenge myself to post post workout for 21 days…who knows maybe that will help make both the workout and post a habitual ritual:)


I love my Pro Endorphin.  This B vitamin, and niacin mix in a lil water and I become super woman. REMINDER: Always consult your MD before taking supplements!

 Today I lifted and did some functional/boxing training for about 30 mins.  It was so wonderful to get back to my toes for 40 push ups  and better still 5 pull ups!!!

My favorite these days is plyo…40 jump squats…these will kick your butt and then make it look amazing:) And of course…hitting the bag…which in my humble opinion is the best medicine/therapy in the world.  All ya need is 45 minutes, a great playlist and a place to move to get anyday started with energy and motivation.


Dvorak Symphany #9(warm-up)

Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow

Rhianna Rehab

Eve Tamborine

Drake Miss Me

Ti Got Your Back

Diddy Hello Good Morning

The Verve Bittersweet Symphany (Stretch)

311 Amber (Cool Down)

Day 1 Success…I workout…felt great and shared the experience! 

Please Join me!  Motivate, Move and see how easy it is to keppingskinny!!!




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