Baking Myself Skinny

My post workout pledge continues…only today I did an amazing yoga class outside at FBC…and then off to The Green Gourmet to bake:)  I love making healthy goodies.  I can try them all and not worry about my butt or hips stretching beyond…beyond what…well just beyond is bad enough.

And honestly…being in a hot kitchen running around is the real workout, but not work!  The old saying “do what ya love and ya never work a day in your life” is so true! And I am so Blessed: Yoga teacher, chef, baker…I don’t do it unless it makes me smile and others improve their quality of life.

Living the life ya want makes it easier to do everything!  Exercise takes motivation and should be the done daily. The one thing I remember in my old life though is that if I was stressed or tired…the last thing I wanted to do was workout!  It took some time…I won’t lie…but now that life is more balanced and I am present…I feel the benefits of my yoga, run, boxing, etc…and I crave it!

And because I move and crave it: I can taste all these yummies and not feel crazy regret!  The lesson of the day:  Exercise+Motivation=Yummie snacks…lol…well that is one lesson.

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