New Year Same Me!

I think it is safe to say we all have things we’d like to change
about ourselves. How many years have ya spent resolving to
do things differently in some way?  stay organized, eat better, keep skinny…by finally staying committed to a gym membership?!

I am delighted this year to find I am finally over it! No more
beating myself up for things I truly am working on. All we can really
Resolve to do is practice… Getting better everyday. Grateful for every moment!

Like today I ran the beach with a friend…I am usually a treadmill girl…but this was a fun refreshing change of pace.  There is a smell and a feeling that comes from being so close to the ocean that is…well just magical!  I think part of being your best you is making changes while maintaining a certain level of adventure, excitement and happiness.

I must say I fell in love with Florida sunshine, and running all over again this am. Then I treated myself to a gorgeous new plant for the garden…a reminder to spend more time in nature and breathing fresh air!

I may not be off the treadmill for good, but it is always fun to have options!  This year instead of making a resolution list and overwhelming yourself…just decide to try new things, taste new foods, explore your community and a better you is bound to follow!

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