I just hopped off the treadmill. Nothing helps me start the day more than a great run!  Sorry to report this was not a great run…2.5 miles…actually felt tired and drained.  At one point I started coughing my head off so much I had to abort the mission(4 miles).

What does this have to do with my sugar detox?? Beats me…I am not a scientist…lol.  I just figure if I listen to my body it will get better. 

 My body is bombarded with enough crap from pollutants in the air, to birth control pills(my next thing to detox from), even some of my favorite TV (criminal minds) is messing with me on levels I am sure to never get a scientific glimpse of.  Think of all the things(outside sources) your mind, body and spirit can be changed or stressed by??? The list is endless.  That is why I chose sugar as my 1st (well, really caffeine was my 1st…8 years ago…a story for another day) But giving up things that are negative in our physical body even if it is hard! will ultimately make us stronger.

I have not been developing any dessert recipes while I am on this plan…for the obvious reason that I can’t eat the original to compare flavors, but I did start some other work projects to keep me busy and that helps. (less time to snack…lol)

So the Rootbeer  Fluff and stuff will have to wait while I keepskinny!

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