Day 3 No Sugar…And I am still Alive!

Give up your Sugar Crash for good!!!!

Giving up any vice can be a real challenge.  In ideal circumstances this can be a lil easier, but when ya are as busy as I am…it can be even more of a feat.

Today is day 3 of my no refined sugars fast.  I got early and juiced beets, carrots and kale:) YUMMY!  I could definitely go without sugar as long as I have fresh juice; all those vitamins and minerals make ya feel so good…this however gets sooooooo pricy!   I recommend trying to buy bulk seasonal produce it will save ya some serious cash!

Another favorite of mine is 2 Apple,1 bunch Spinach and 1 Beets…I love the gorgoeus color of these RED cocktails and beets are so good for ya post workout. They have an resorative ability that helps me keep from getting soar:) Can ya say BONUS!!!???  It would truly suck to have low energy and be achey too:(

Keeping up my energy has never really been an issue for me…I am not unlike the Energizer bunny:)  Not having my sugar crutch has been a real eye opener on how dependant on artificial garbage I was…YIKES!  So I am toughing it out for a few days, and business(so Blessed) is not slowing down…

We have a wedding to attend to, some upcoming Polo Season events and a Princess Tea Party to decorate over the next few weeks(just to highlight a few) and I am struggling to balance energy for workouts, work and play these last 3 days…But I am NOT giving up!!! 

 WHY do this then ya ask?  It is simple, all new eating will have a few day adjustment period…but the payoff will far out way those rough days! 

Anything worth having is worth working for!!!!! 

Stick with me…we will get there together…keeping sugar free and skinny!

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