And It Continues…Day 4.

MOtivate or Die!?

I Love comic books…Since I was a lil girl…there I said it!  I am a dork! It’s all good; I am cool with it!  But seriously there is something about the fight between the evil villan and the super hero that makes ya want to crawl in to the pages and fight for what ya know is good and true!  And yes, I am the Superhero in this tail…Sugar the villan! 

 Sugar can be SUPER evil!  And my body is a temple good, and I must be true to it! (like this morning when I had my daily fresh kale and carrot juice…Thanks GG)

Oh, and villans have the best disguises! Did ya know a can of organic black beans can have 1-2 gr of this evil guy per serving!  Want some sugar beans?! WTF, YUK!   Preservative or extra build up to our CRASH! BAM! POW! 

 Not to take this to any extremes, but Refined Sugar…He’s out there…He’s everywhere! Look Out my healthy friends!

And so the today the hero prevailed and escaped day 4 without a stitch of this villan is site…there will be other villans…but that is a Keeping Skinny tale for another day…

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