Keep Setting Goals to Keep Skinny!

I have never been a super competitive person. As a kid I played
a few team sports, but mostly I was an artist and sedentary a lot. I did ballet and ran track briefly…I just didn’t have anything that drove me…no reason to push myself?!

Because of this goal setting has become a huge part of my routine in both my exercise and work life. I recently set and COMPLETED(woohoo!)2 goals a 14 day sugar fast and a 10k in New Orleans. Words can’t describe the feeling of accomplishment ya feel when ya start a project to better yourself and see it thru. Ok, so we are not moving any mountains here; still…take it from me feeling a sense of purpose in each goal motivates.
If ya would of told me 10 years ago I’d be passionate about getting fit…HA!…I would of laughed in your face.

What’s next? Well, for me it is a figure competition in November. I started training Friday. I really have not lifted weights or done any weight training since I suffered a lower back injury in January.
I never enjoyed lifting!!! And Friday was no exception. It was hard! It just sucked! 
I sucked…lol…well I am very weak. No goal should be easy…what’s the fun in that?! And so here we go…Sucking it up is what I am doing! I love my new gym and with their unique training concept I won’t have to go it alone this time.
I want muscle definition and lower bodyfat!
I want to challenge my mind and body! This is a goal that will have infinite rewards during and at its completion!
Goal setting has helped me stay happy, healthy and skinny!
It’s easy to set one…What are your goals?
How can they be met? Can we help ya keep skinny?

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