Many Motivators Single Intension is enough

The whole world is blogging, posting and leaving their own personal footnote on the web these days.  It is funny to me how someone can be touched by what ya write not knowing ya…but the true intention is to motivate others…move them in some way…weather we know them or not.

I good friend of mine mentioned yesterday that I inspired her to join a bootcamp:)ya know the crzy kind, one where she left thinking she may never walk again…lol…and has continued to go back!!!(YES!) is all I could think.

She set an intension for change and boy is she on her way!!!!

Intension as Deepak wrote so perfectly “does not have to be spoken”… to transcend beyond,  we must merely put in out there on a cellular level…by feeling it…thinking it…in doing so we set up our subconscious for SUCCESS!

I am so proud of how far I have come on my wellness journey…the weight I’ve lost and kept off…the goals I set and follow through on…but MOSTLY the intension I have to inspire others EVERYWHERE…no matter their other circumstances to KEEP SKINNY!

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