Are ya always Too BUSY to exercise?

5/27/11 One of the things I love to do is beat myself up over not
keeping a record well…I blog when I can…food journal when
I can, but never do either on the regular”(
And really?! SO FREAKING WHAT?!
I make time to move and eat 80% wonderful and I know it so why am
I daunted by all this logging and blogging?!
I’ll tell ya why…it MOTIVATES me. I love going back months ago and reading why
I run, yoga, box…etc…on a weak day I am reminded…I am really

Today is super busy! Meetings(3), coffee with old friends, dinner with family…
But yesterday I needed to read to push…so today inspired by my business I log, I blog and yes I exercised”)

One of my favorite old routines is the 5 tibetians.
I did a series at 730am…it is mostly yoga but gets the heart rate up…and legend has it that the Tibetian monks have done this for centuries daily to live well into their 100s”). It just gets the whole body going!!!

I am super excited to be meeting to discuss the opening of our yoga camp(teacher training) And my cookbook which after 2 years in the making is finally about to go to the selling phase…but if I don’t keep my body in balance with workouts and PURE foods I would not be able to fuel these machines”) or myself to keep moving forward and keep skinny”)

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