No Need to look for Signs…Your world is Rosey!

Yesterday was not quite what I expected, but there were lil signs everywhere reinforcing my drive. I met a young girl who was enduring the same rigorous yoga teacher training I did 10 years ago while waiting for my first appt. She was late and had she not been, well…everything happens for a reason…and so I got a chance to chat and relive a lil of that trying and amazing experience with this nice young girl(getting her great feed back as well) before Chivan and I began our planning meeting.
I am not so much surprised by these chance encounters…(meeting someone new to run with) (finding a new client in lineat SBux) (learning my friends are friends with other friends) they are to me the small reminders I need in my world to remember how truly connected we all are! We can learn from each other, inspire each other and even drive each other to Joy, Bliss and so much more.

On the other side(not to be a downer) it works equally if we are negative, nasty or unkind! Thankful…there was not much of that in this day.

So after several busy(and productive) work days I am listening to the signs and actually taking the rest of the holiday weekend for me!

House is clean, Tommy is clean, I got in a 2 miler and some lifting…I think I deserve the balance of play for this holiday weekend…I am following the signs…listening to your body and taking time for rest and fun is a HUGE part
of keeping skinny!!!

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