Try Something New! Embrace Change!

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

~ Lao Tzu

I promised to keep ya all updated…and I am trying to post on the regular?! Life just has a way of leading us…or The Divine(god, Allah, jah) call it what ya will…Where we are meant to be in the moment.
Running the beach(alone or in great company) teaching teens yoga, gardening and cooking classes, walking therapy sessions with great friends, boxing on the back patio…as long as I’m moving I can face any changes…challenges!
In the midst of all my moving…I successfully closed my cupcake bakery, ended a long time relationship with a big Corp that was sucking the life out of my small biz, started preparing for Bloom Yoga Camp, started a summer book club,
I could go on and on…
The bottom line…
The only constant is CHANGE! Embrace it…try new things and make your own change…for your better!

I know keeping moving and keeping skinny are hard work on our best days…so in the midst of stress and change it can seem so impossible!!! It’s not I am living proof! Try something new…keep pushing yourself and y’all will keep skinny too!

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