Bread Salad and The Attitude Diet

This title even cracks me up!  I was always motivated by the carrot on the string techniques…And lately I have needed those carrots.

So… it is no secret that the summer always marks not just sunshine and bikinis, but also the slowing of any seasonal business…Like Mine:)…In past years…STRESSFUL!!!! Freak out! Worry! Did I mention STRESS…lol

This year I am embrassing all the down time and LOVING IT!

I have a renewed sense of who I am as a person(strong, goal driven, compassionate and well an amazing chef)…finally finishing long runs…oh yay like 6-7 milers…Wait WHAT?!… I know right who would of guessed an old ex fatty could run so far and pretty fast too! I am super proud to be under a 10 minute mile.

I am enjoying much needed bonding time with old friends and new friends…I make lists of todo…Long ones and actually finishing them!  Creating master piece meals for my #1 guy and myself…Like my summer favorite Bread Salad.

Ummm, heck yeah BREAD salad…why run so far if I am not gonna reap my carbolicious reward…SEE greenfoodie for recipe:)

I am in the best physical shape of my life…which FYI has made me in the best emotional and spiritual shape of my life…  Thinking before I act, speak and move…because I have time and I realize how much better the end results are.

This month’s focus on all the changes forced me to address my attitude…which can be my down fall in tougher times…I am way to hard on MYSELF…letting others completely off the hook or steal the hook for that matter:( And so as of yesterday 6/13/11 I am on the Attitude Diet.

Day 1 was pretty easy…record 50 positive points in your day…I got 28 without any hassle…and focusing on the positive is like throwing a stone…the ripple is amazing…One Happy after another…

Day 2 is even more exciting…Focusing on all the things I have accomplished and giving myself MAD PROPS for the best in me…

This 4 day attitude diet is changing my view of…well EVERYTHING!  I highly reccommend it and it only takes 4 days:)

Keep positive…Keep moving and Keep Skinny!

2 thoughts on “Bread Salad and The Attitude Diet

  1. Gotta say, that’s one awesome looking bread salad up there! It’s been awesome watching you on this summer venture of yours, definitely inspiring. Keep it up!

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