Attitude Diet Days 1 and 2

I work 3 days a week in an addiction clinic. We specialize in Eating Disorders…this is great because we ALL(at least in America) have some disordered eating. My patients inspire me to not only eat well and exercise, but to look for projects, journaling and other activities to improve us all. This week we started the 4 day Attitude Diet I mentioned in my last post.
Day 1 we kept a list of 50 positive things that happen to us…this helps so much if done daily…it really is about keeping the focus on positive events and ignoring things that aren’t positive not about getting to exactly 50 things. I did get to 50 on day 1 and day 2…by keeping a running list on my smart phone…
Day 2 list:
50 Wonderful things that happen today”)
1.I woke up to sunshine
2.I finally cleaned out my car
3.I wore my cute new black dress from Patzi
4.I heard from Tamara…and she had a baby girl
5.I had a yummy halo graham bar only 120 calories
6.pool day with Tracy market”) list done
8.wrote answers for Darcy article
9.recommended BunnieCakes for broward story
10.made Sher breakfast 2 of amazing Kona Coffee
12.marinating over business goals
13.text to Ruby about shower
14.looking forward to Ballet and Beer Class surf rider magazine came
16.get afternoon planning Bloom Marketing
17.drew new Bloom Logo
18.cuddling with Tommy
19.hand me downs from Marietta
20.getting to text my lil sis…Ruby
21.reading notes from yoga students
22.eating bread salad
23.looking at fun sites
24.getting ready for Bookclub Friday
25.reaching Cheryl
26.working ac
27.clean kitchen
28.-30. Cherries, grapes and raspberries
32.desk cleared off
33.learning to trash junk
34.worked on my summer wreath
36.lunch in the garden
37.made Sher lunch
38.visited with neighbor
39.gave away a swim suit
40.talked to dad
41.Katy perry’s ET worries
43.Quesdilla for dinner
44.fresh kiwi
45.shared the Kona
46.curriculum done
48.Sher “)
49.kind to myself

These attitude exercises are only 4 days a super easy
Commitment as far as time goes.
Ideally, ya start over every Monday for a few weeks until these healthy positive thought patterns are habits.
Day two was a bigger challenge for the average negative thinker…I think we can be to hard on ourselves…so be kind to yourself and take some time to think of this next list…ya are going to make a list of your life accomplishments…give yourself credit in a list for all the good positive things ya have done.
Accomplishments I am proud of…

1.finished highschool certs
Certified Pharmacy Tech
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Personal Chef
Certified Exercise Science licenses/degrees
Licensed EMT
2 semesters shy of BS(will enroll in fall term”)
4.raised $23,000 for charity in 2006
5.completed 5k, and 10k business has been in newspaper(4) and 2 magazines
7.designed my own logos patients daily
9.treating my mood swings with good food and exercise
10.own my mistakes, choices and faults and work daily to grow with Sierra Club, Surf Rider and NRDC
12.adopted Tommy and Naikopi
13.married great man herb garden
15.painted 5 murals…2 for paychecks
16.completed the 14 day beauty bootcamp
17.completed 14 day refined sugar fast

This list made me smile and motivates me to add more…
It gave me an instant positive boost…a lil feather in my hat…and now I am looking to make that hat look like a peacock…more feathers to work for…

Remember positive attitude is a choice!
Keep your lists to help keep happy, present and skinny.

2 thoughts on “Attitude Diet Days 1 and 2

  1. Urs! This post is SO inspirational! I have a client that has just begun a mental health & wellness online community & I think it would be right up your alley! Check it out for me and let me know your thoughts P.S- If you know people who would benefit from it spread the word:)

  2. Urs,
    I wish I made that list but my life is not my own right now. When you get back, we’ll have a SPOT of jo, and exchange our belated Christmas gifties! ❤

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