Attitude Diet Day 3…and Glass Half FULL=Minds Skinny too love!

This attitude diet is the best diet I have ever tried…not just because it has nothing to do with giving up Mexican Food…but that helps! I just don’t think I could have a positive attitude and give up guacamole…Impossible!
Making a list of 50 positives daily is keeping me blind to the negatives and well…loving it! Onward my friends to Day 3…Now this gets slightly tougher…don’t have negative thoughts about others…try to find…look for the good in others…
As a yogini and a southern belle I thought this would be pretty easy, until I got stuck in traffic in Delray …I love and respect the elderly(so much we can learn from them!)
But their driving…well… on a positive tip is very cautious…lol…my point…
Harder than I thought!!! So I added an activity…
Think of 10 positive people that have influenced me to be and remain positive.
So here it goes it no real order…
1.My 3rd Grade Teacher Samantha Williams
2.My 1st true love Ryan Sorenson (he gave his life for this country in 2005)
3.My Step Mother Zan Reid
4.My friends that helped me survive Katrina, and losing Ryan.
(Patzi, Holly,Samar,Sheridan and Christina S)
5.People on Extreme Home Make Over(I always cry…such a sap!)
6.My Parents(who stuck by me…in my stuck days)
7.All my running buddies
8.My Namesakes legacy (passion,patience and perseverance)

That will be our next diet…FYI…stay tuned
9.My Tommy…we can learn a lot about attitude from animals
10.Myself…I have to say I never thought I’d be helping myself stay positive.

The beautiful thing about owning that we are all a work in progress…is the PROGRESS!
Try to spend today in the land of inspiration…see others in their purest state for what ya can learn from them…Stay positive and Keep Skinny.

Until Mañana Chicas


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