Attitude Diet Day 4…Can I get a do over?? please!!!

Some days inspite of my best efforts I am not the girl I want to be…blame the moon, hormone fluctuation, that sugar rush from the caffiene free rootbeer(we can’t give up everything)…or just call me human…
Because some days I am not the inspiring lil miss Sunshine I’d like to be…
Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those days…don’t get me wrong…I still ran(on a smoke filled beach)-Negative;(
I still kept up with house work and Tommy(but I didn’t do it with a smile)-Negative
Day 4: Speak only positive words
Oy…it was a bust…I did great out in the world with this activity…and then brought all the negative stories and words home…Poor Sher!(my hubby)

I think I need a do over! We all have challenging days sometime, but I did not check back in with my tool kit?! Starting with day 1 positives list…
No list of 50 wonderful things and I was lost in Day 4…

Habits on average take 14-21 days to stick and some new research on university students is saying 60…WOW!
So this morning I woke with the ambition of day 1 and started my 50 list and my Day 4 again…do over!

Sometimes we try and we don’t succeed…it is only a failure if we quit…and I am a lot of silly things…but not a quitter…

So start the attitude diet as many times as ya need to keep positive…because a skinny mind is as hot as a skinny body”)

Namaste(divine in us all)

Today’s List

50 wonderful things

1.walk with Tommy
2.herbs look happy
3.vanilla almond granola and almond milk
4.fresh cherries from David about Naipoki photos of Naipoki
7.reconnecting with Tami
8.1st book club meeting today
9.Sher let me sleep in until 630 vegetarian magazine came
11.I am healthy is fun run Friday

13.great planning and phone meeting with Tracy
14.yummy latte protein drink
15.Naipoki Animoto video
16.clean kitchen photo shoot at 3pm
18.painted new art
19.starting to BLOOM…yoga planning is coming along
20.Chivan and Tracy Huge Helpers!
21.sunny day club was a success
23.made to nice new friends photos look great my legs in pics
26.decaf soy latte plan in place
28.ready to start 3P Diet
29.planning trip to see C and twins Tues”)
30.Mexican dinner
31.did scorpion today
32.making burritos
33.Sher got a gift from bookstore’s Friday afternoon
35.scheduled am run with Julie
36.Chex mix
37.whale wars
38.warm bed
39.Kabul beauty school(great read) shower
41.list for tomorrow done
42.coloring in adult coloring book
43.more mail from friends
44.seeing Ruby and Marietta happy
45.Marietta got new baby furniture
46.John helped with dads gift walk
48.mug rootbeer(could not resist)
49.emails from Judy
50.finally resting/meditation

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