A Day to Celebrate Dad and still Keep Skinny!

I adore holidays!!! The chef in me is always happy to make yummy food for the family. The only down side the calorie Fest…like this Father’s Day Brunch:
Pecan Waffles with Maple Syrup
Cajan cheddar grits
Bacon(I won’t have this, but buy Applewood for boys to enjoy)
HoneyDew,Cherries(bing) and Pineapple
Fresh Grape Juice
Wow! Carbs, Sugar…what’s a skinny girl to do?

Enjoy! That’s right enjoy, but control portions…and make
smart choices(juice or fruit not both)
For me the best part is watching my dad, brother and hubby enjoy the food!
Even on days that are not holidays we have to make good food choices. Fueling our mind and body…exercise just is not enough to keep healthy and skinny. Each of us has our own weaknesses…I am a night snacker. It is not a daily thing(anymore) and it is more boredom than anything!(so totally controllable)

How do I do it?
Simple solution…my kitchen closes at 8:30pm!
I even painted a cute little sign that says so!
It is a reminder I see daily, it makes me smile, giggle and most importantly…think before I eat…and stop eating at a reasonable time(for me)

I am sure there is an easy solution to each of our food related issues!!! Let’s figure it out…let’s eat well, live long and keep skinny so we can celebrate many more holidays to come!

Happy Father’s Day!


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