Today I ran the beach with a friend(myself) that’s right I went with myself…
Now listen up! The most important thing I could ever tell ya is this: Ya won’t always have a buddy available when your schedule permits…but if ya love yourself…I know ya do! Ya can be your own best running buddy!
I know it is a huge challenge! ACCEPT IT! Lay your shoes and outfit out the night before and GET passionate about going with or without a pal!!!

It was wonderful!!! I have not done an outdoor run since the
hot Saturday run with Julie…and it was a refreshing and
inspiring change of pace from the dread mill.
I even stepped off the beaten path and did a half mile at the waters edge…gorgeous morning, great music, and the beach…seriously what else do ya need!??

Well…this is week one of the 3Ps diet and I am loving finding new ways to get PASSIONATE about running among other things on my list…
PASSION is defined:An intense desire or enthusiasm for something

Wow! I so want every part of my world to filled with that enthusiasm…don’t you?? Let’s get going!!!
Start your passions list…mine is growing”)
And I know it is helping me keep my mind and body skinny!


There is just something about the cool ocean breeze and passers by enjoying their runs, walks, etc…makes me remember why I love Florida so much!

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