A lot of things are blooming in my garden outside…which is just simply amazing…considering the draught we are in!  It caused me to pause and notice that this situation of no rain and all these things blooming anyway is quite the metaphor for life…

Sometimes we get the things we need (like rain water for flowers) and life is just easy… Sometimes we have to just grow and bloom in spite of tough times(no rain)…The resilience of my herbs and flowers is inspiring me…all living things on earth deal with challenges!? Don’t you?!

I sure do…I had my whole summer planned out one way for my business…and now it is a totally different schedule(more free time/but less $$$), full of new things, people,  and well challenges…Like all these crzy non-food diets I keep taking on…lol…

I am happy to report: I am not suffering the same stresses as my poor garden…I am getting lots of water, blooming new passions and old and Growing more PASSIONATE about more things in LIFE…YES!

I ran 6, 3, 2, 4, 2 and 3 this week…holy 20 miles that is AWESOME…and each run felt great!

I finally got crafty…finishing my wreath this am(finally)…starting an elephant painting…

Visited with old friends this week…FUN and WOW…have I come far already!

Set up our BLOOM YOGA AND FITNESS TEACHER CERTIFICATION TRAINING…(so excited…been planning since 2005) Chivan and I really hope some of ya will join us.   Practiced my own yoga everyday this week…perfecting some poses and trying to live through others…PASSION  is I am sure going to be the easiest of the 3Ps Diet.  It has driven me so far this week…and it along with the attitude diet has driven me to blog and move and YOU GUESS IT??!! KEEP SKINNY…MIND RIGHT=BODY TIGHT!



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