Trying my patience…

I find this whole experience of journaling and goal listing soooooo driving! I find I follow through on 95% of what I set out todo…and yet I still have not finished my new business plans or budget?!
I mention this because I find it challenging and sad?! I am a Yoga teacher…I strive for balance in every pose…and yet fear the best in some areas of my life?! Worry about business life?! Have a serious DUH! Mental defect?! (I kid…how blessed I am to be healthy)
It is;however, unhealthy to not strive to be my best in all areas of my life…I am trying to be patient with this lazy almost teenager like summer me!
But today I started reading “In the Trenches” and am giving myself a stern talking to…lol.
I have made a commitment to start a list this week to complete these things by August 1st…reminding myself that passion, and patience will drive me forward with enthusiasm
and I will feel better having put the time in…

All this mind exercise made going back to lifting today a piece of metaphorical cake! I did legs and ran with the best attitude ever and felt relief to be so present and strong!
Keeping my mind skinny is leading to the easiest road to a skinny body! Who knew!?


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