Nothing Like Watching Paint Dry to Build Patience!

I am such a lil kid at heart!   I never want to loose this side of myself!!!  Painting in my free time this summer has been sooooooo much FUN and I think I am addicted to crafting all over again…not something I am going to try to cure!

Painting in layers is a tedious job, and I never realized how much time it takes between gesso and the actual paint…it started out feeling like an hour or 2…now I embrace each pause with patience…I bake in between, blog in between and even sometimes just sit to watch the rain between…Practicing presence.

Ah patience…not the terrible G and R song(sorry! HATE IT!)  true calm tolerant patience is worth building…for so many reasons.  eg. Traffic, shopping lines, customer service, children, I could go on and on…Today, is my off day for working out…yes I still take one(every now and then 2)…but I was really hoping to make up some lost mileage…I skipped my Tuesday run for a fun dinner with friends because it rained, and now I need to do 20 miles in 4 days to stay on my half marathon schedule:)

I woke this am so soar it was just not going to happen?!  Instantly I thought of our theme for this week…PATIENCE…I always say no coincidences…I will be able to workout tomorrow…tomorrow is not that far away and I can practice my ability to remain PATIENT (present) in the meantime.

PRACTICE…it does not make perfect(everyone’s definition of this is different)…but it does make us much better at things we work at and helps us keep skinny mind and body!



PS Still keeping my 50 list…this is life changing in the BEST way!!!!

Wednesday’s Wonderful List!

1.great recipe from Chris M”)
2.Jamaica Blue Mountain French Press
3.50% canvas at Michael’s!!!
4.loving my new books!
5.Tommy cuddle time
6.bathroom clean, towels clean and bedroom vacuumed (all before 7 am”)
7.planning Sandwich building lunch”)
8.want to motivate to do office wk this afternoon before yoga
9.staff meeting 930a @ my deck on Saturday…Free class…Who’s in???

11.I am so blessed to have the family and friends I have
12.looking for worksheet for group
13.banking done
14.billing done
15.Michael’s check”)
16.painting this afternoon!
17.good lunch and group at FBC
18.Gesso to canvas…did 4″)
20.afternoon run
21.booked fun event for Feb”)

22.Run<3 just makes the day better
23.time with Sher ❤
25.picking new vaca house
26.feeling sorry for people with Chris…lol
27.registering for craft Fest in Nov
28.cold shower
30.bread salad
31.Fresh Purple Basil<3
32.savor the success ❤

33.painted 4 animals”)
34.made Sher dinner
35.baked cookies
36.tomorrow work day with Tracy
37.Friday lunch with Christina S
38.herbs are happy in rain
39.Tommy loves salmon
40.Fresh Bing Cherries
41.4th of July menu planning journal still writing
44.sitting on the sofa watching HGTV”)
45.cuddling my boys ❤

46. warm blanket…



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