Yoga in My Garden( a MINI CLASS)…Building a patient mind and body!

I have been trying to be mindful of my patience practice this week…as the 2nd step to my 3 week 3Ps Diet.

FYI   I love that some of my peers are reading and responding to this with a positive attitude and trying to implement fitness for their minds and bodies in some way!!!

On any given day these people are what motivate me!  My Posse( thanks Angela! )…it is so nice to have a group of female friends that work to build rather than break each others self esteem:) Love y”all! Every time this week I had almost given up on being patient someone from this posse  I created rescued me…THANKS Zan, Claudia,  Chim, Monique, Chris, Judy, Patzi and Morgan…I needed ya all this week:)

Like today…I woke up this am sore AGAIN and a little mentally drained…one of my girls says”you think too much!!!” lol…So why do I feel quite the opposite some days?!

UMM, because I am human…hello Ursula! lol…this was one of the 1st points I learned about being patient…remember you’re only HUMAN.   I have limitations and even though my physical strength is growing(leaps and bounds:) Horaay! I still need to have mental strength to push through these days!  Being patient…spending the morning in the kitchen and stretching in the garden…instead of running.

Being in the garden…Ahh, just something about this that makes ya feel like patience is all there is…didn’t even mind sharing the occasional mat time with Tommy…lol…  I forget how much I love just starting the day saluting the sun!  Running is my outlet…but Yoga has saved my life in times of great darkness and BALANCE is key for the mind and for physical recovery.  We build lactic acid and we break it down:)  A little yoga, a friendly email (ty MONIQUE, ) and good food go a long way to keeping this girl skinny body and mind:)

xoxo Ursula

Now off to the garden with you! Try these 3 poses:

Downward Facing dog…push your heels to the mat stretching and lengthening your hamstrings and soleus muscles, spread your fingers open and lower your arm pits to the mat drawing in your core muscles and making a V with your body…opening the shoulders and back hold and breathe for 3-6 counts at a time.

Alternate downdog with low plank to stretch and build strength:)

For a fun variation lift the bottom of one foot and drop the heel back to lengthen on each side of the torso and arch and stretch the lower back…hold right and then left 3-6 breaths each time.

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