3Ps Diet We Made it to week 3!

Perseverance: Powerful and Steadfast!

Wow…of all things I learned to Practice from my MawMaw and Great Grandmother, PERSEVERANCE seems to be what leads to the most progress.  All of our 3Ps have great value…Passion is dramatic and inspiring, Learning Patience is calming and joyous, but perseverance is what keeps us in this…LIFE…Present and ready to PUSH through anything!  It is what drives us to the finish line; helps us move forward with poise and grace.  sometimes it’s big things to make it through like training for 13.1 or 26.2, or even death of a loved one:(

Sometimes it is lil things that we grin through like long lines and traffic…

I am so excited to work on enhancing my ability to persevere this week!  My hope is I will complete some long-term projects as well us come to find out what my true physical body is capable of with regard to exercise.  I have already run 10 miles this week:)

Yesterday was spent just getting an understanding of what this week’s activities should be…

Let’s start today by making 3 lists:

1.without Perseverance people give up easily…What are 3 things you have not yet completed in your life?  Painting the trim, changing your eating habits, organizing your closet…Whatever they are jot them down…

                a.Marketing plan for cookbook

                b.vacuuming my car

                c.updating my bio

2.Choose your Commitments(goals) wisely to persevere with success…What goals?commitments have I set that I need to let go of?

                a.networking groups that have no mastermind plans

                b.any future volunteer work this year that uses capital

                c.boxing weekly…it is ruining my hands:)

3. What questions can I ask in the future so I don’t over commit and can persevere?

                 a.can I pace myself or do I have time now for this?

                 b.does this task/person share my core values?

                 c.Can I be the strong ship if this turns into a storm?

This is an excellent start, but lets take some time; revisit this list later today to make sure it is truly your most  pressing things on the agenda…We will discuss what to do with this list tomorrow:)

Until then…Persevere through those Attitude logs and physical workouts, keep moving to keep skinny!

xo Ursula

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