Why A Million Lists And A Clear Mind= Keeping Skinny

This morning was just gorgeous in Delray Beach when Tommy and I went out to walk! The storm came feeding all the herbs in my garden and my favorite tree…I love to climb this tree and just sit to enjoy being in nature.  How often do we plan to do things like just sitting to see beauty and then end up disappointed, because other things distract us or we just plain forget; our minds overwhelmed with useless info and negative thoughts?!

It dawned on me this morning that since I have started making and keeping commitments to myself; bettering my attitude…I have a very clear and uncluttered mind…it is opening me up to seeing all the amazing things and people around me with lil to no extra effort!

I am feeling passionate about my choices of how I spend my time, I am patient with myself, traffic and others:) and I am persevering through everything from laundry to the media circus in this country with a smile and GRACE.  I am truly the most content I have ever been and it is all because I made a decision to be!!!!

That’s right! There is no secret cheat…The key to Happiness…The Key to success…The keys to peace are all within our reach…IF WE CHOOSE TO CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE AND STICK WITH IT!!!!

The 3Ps diet will be hard to top!

Perseverance is the most taxing of the 3Ps…it takes the drive to want to finish some things we may not always feel passionate about or have patience for(washing dishes, a road race, a painting, school…etc).  Finishing gives one such a sense of success that this P is so worth putting into practice.

Two nights ago I was tired, but there were warm clothes in the dryer that would get wrinked if I left them, and dinner dishes in the sink that could attract lil friends I don’t need…lol…Did I say tired?? I meant Exhausted…I thought about leaving it…I wanted to just leave it, but all that meant was more work later!!  And seriously people we are talking laundry folding here(which I actually find quite Zen like raking) and a few dishes, not some horrible dramatic events I have to get through??

It took like 10 mins and it was DONE…and I was in my warm better feeling settled and free of the worry of rewashing all the laundry and dealing with bugs in the morning!  Persevering; I could get used to this mentality:) GREAT SUCCESS!

Now let’s keep it going and Keep a clear skinny mind together!

Last time I blogged we made a list of things we wanted to complete to persevere through…

Pick just one of those things and make a commitment to yourself to complete that task in the next 3 days.  If necessary, break it down in to 3-5 steps; do whatever it takes…ask for help…grin and bare it!  The end result will have you itching to move to the 2nd and 3rd thing!

These small tasks can weight us down and leave us feeling so drained…waking to dirty dishes, putting off phoning a client or boss, sleeping in messy rooms, trying to find the leftovers in a cluttered fridge…unfinished chores and business worries can zap all your good vibes?!  They don’t have to! Ya are in control! Take control!

Don’t do these silly things just a lil later…finish what you start!  Keeping your promises to yourself to eat better, move more, and complete goals will definitely Keep ya Skinny!



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