Keep Asking?? My 1st Run with Dad!

I love spending time with my dad.  He’s only 20 years my senior and a lot of fun!  No matter what we do I always enjoy his company/prospective…

The last few weeks I have been trying to get him to meet me for a run.  He was running pretty regularly before,(6 milers) but as life has a way of doing sometimes… he got distracted by other things…and was still very active…so…he always took a pass.  Being active in day to day life is great, but Cardio is essential to keep our bodies and minds in top shape.

So what did I do?? I just kept inviting him:)  What a NAG, lol…

We used to run together when I first moved to Florida…but it’s been a few years.

We ran about 3 miles today…about a half mile of that was in the rain, but it was still a great workout!  The first of many, I hope!

What’s my point?? Well, if ya have a friend or family member that has good intensions to exercise…and dosen’t seem to… just keep inviting them…motivating others is a great way to keep yourself practing what ya preach and will definitely help Keep you Skinny!



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