Days Off Are Ok!

Finally, I get it! And at only 32…woohoo! What am I so excited about? I don’t have to get it all done everyday…some days I have time to do more extras than others…fitness and fabulous food mean a lot to me!!!!

Still, Some days there is just no time to blog/chat/post about it.(it’s ok)
It is so crucial to give your self days off…rest is essential to your mind and your muscles! I have to admit even as a yogini I can get off balance…all work, all play
all workout…I need to get rid of these alls…try a lil
some…lol…balance all the wonderful parts of my life.

This all or nothing attitude caused me a lot of pain in my
left leg… I felt my foot go numb during my run yesterday
because my muscles were so tight/over trained from a 7 day
run week…wow…over do it much Ursula?!?

Dear Ursula,
We all need days off to rest…DUH!

Love ya, but HELLO!

Seriously though I love to go all out the 3 Ps, drive,
proving I am strong and fearless. All I proved this week I
can be pig headed and overzealous too!

So here are my ways to improve this week:
Slowing down with the 30 day money journal…started today”)
Running 5 days this week”) The 5K I am doing with Sher and Patzi is Saturday”)
Taking Tuesday and Thursday off of work, social networking
and tomorrow is the last official day of my attitude
diet…50 days flew…with positive vibes…this I may just
stay on”)
Keeping positive has helped me keep skinny in the most happy
way ever…why take amazing things off our list”)
Give yourself a day off this week…down time to just be
happy, healthy and keep skinny!


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