Learning to Be Happy on the Dread Mill

This week started out really tough for me!  Saturday I had a syncopal episode again(I fainted).  It was not related to anything that we can pin point?? But Sher thinks I am maybe over doing it with my outdoor runs this summer…This means more time with the Dread MILL…AHHHHH!!!!!!

Monday I ran a mile…yep only a mile…it was hard and boring.  My energy and BP are both were both still low so I did not push too much.  Today is a yoga day; 2 classes, so I am forgoing my run…Insert HAPPY FACE! lol…I did mention I HATE the treadmill right?

This got me thinking though; in order to stay on track, I will run Thurs-Sun on the Dreadmill??!! How am I going to do that?  Thank goodness I am a self starter and I read Runner’s World!

Mental Prep is the key…

1st I am dialing in my last great treadmill workout from my memory bank( a tip from this months Runner’s World)

2nd I have set a color and motto to focus on…Orange things ( I think of sun shine, warmth and summer yummies when I see orange, plus it is the Sacral Chakra) and my motto “NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS”

and Lastly and most simply I remind myself that anything my body accomplishes is better than most people:)  Right Cathy?? (I hope your Shoulder is feeling GREAT! soon…hang in there)

Setting yourself up to succeed no matter the workout is one way to Keepskinny and Sane:)



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