All my Life I dreamed of being an athlete!!! Great Sucess!

So I had hoped to start my daily blogging challenge on Sunday, but life had other plans…NO BIGGIE…and so it begins…

Topic one:  White about something you are looking forward to this year…

I am looking forward to so much!!! This is actually tough to narrow down.

I have the shower I am planning for my lil sis in October which will take me home to Baton Rouge for another road race and the party!   I have Yoga Teacher Training I am hosting…which is coming along slowly, but none the less I am excited and it is after all YOGA <3, I have my Holiday menu which I am so excited to share with clients next month!!!

I think the thing I am looking forward to most at this moment is my half marathon I am running in Miami in December.   I can hardly believe I am going to do this??!!  I can remember when running 1 mile felt so hard I thought I’d die, and now with a Runner’s World Subscription, a training and Yoga Certs… I am an athlete!  An athlete who will run a half marathon in December…WOW!

I used to dream of being considered an athlete…From a young age I wanted to play team sports…but usually  picked clovers and sat while others played…I thought I was just not the right build, or that I was too uncordinated??!! FEAR got in my way to long…Fear of failure, Fear of what other REAL athletes would think, Fear of just plain not making it to the finish line…into the pose or being able to lift the weights…

Now my only regret is the time spent…WASTED! Dont let this happen to yourself…find your inner athlete…play tennis, stike a pose, paddle a river, dive into a pool, run the bases, kick a ball…do whatever that inner athlete wants to try!

Life is the cupcake and the many amazing destinations the frosting …I am happy to have started where I did and I am so thrilled to have made it this far…GET FROSTED…KEEPSKINNY!



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