My “Off the Beach” Week…

Thursday and Friday were amazing “Off the BEACH” workout days!

“OFF the Mat” is a yoga term and most yogini’s cringe at the thought of…muscles get tight off the mat, minds
can get weakened off the mat, one can
go…….Well, crzy!!! lol(No matter…sometimes we must
break for injuries to heal, for life to take shape…etc)

After I fainted I promised I’d do a week in the AC…So I
guess one would say I am “Off the Beach” 😦 Big Sad face!

As a teacher I am used to helping others “off the Mat” not
actually being there myself…But as I have followed my
injured friend on FB this week…I see that there are so
Ways to practice…many gifts in every break from any 
routine…I learned so much about myself this week “Off the
Beach”! I did gain Patience on the 3Ps diet…I am an athlete…I am strong, balanced and Ursula not just a runner!
   Monday I rested my physical self, made a balance wheel,
stretched with a 20 minute mini yoga session…

Tuesday I ran the DREADMILL…a short run, but so needed to
fight those crazies I spoke of earlier…My mind is challenged far more”off the Beach” on my runs…no sights to
keep ya going…just sheer will to push on…

Wednesday I taught a great BoTiYoga Class and felt full of energy for the 1st time this week…All the while missing my Beach run, but understanding the temporary nature of the freedom and embracing it…Playing with Tommy, coloring Smurfs with Sher, and painting cupcakes…

Thursday I completed THE 99…Not only am I an athlete, but totally invincible!  Who would have thought I could complete this!!! Not me…amazing what happpens when we balance our energies and give our all.  This 2 hour challenged kicked my ABS…lol…SO sore Friday!

Friday Adrianna and I started Boxing Fridays…I am so excited to be wearing my pink gloves again…Can ya say Cinderella Woman?? I might not have gotten this opportunity if not for being”Off the Beach”…Life has a way of giving us just what we need…and yes I will take more of all this amazing stuff!

My FB friend was getting back on her mat today…a huge success…I hope!  The universe should be ready to serve up whatever she seeks…thanks to a kick butt off the mat week and her positive attitude!  And Tuesday I will be up bright and early back on the beach…but I think this break was so much better than I imagined and I am sure it helped keep my mind and body skinny!



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