100 Postive Attitude Activities Day 1

100 Positive Activities

1. Using Positive words when talking.

Today is day 1 of our new journaling and attitude practice. With season just around the corner and my last list not really reflecting my personality…we start a new: Number 1

Only using positive words can be a challenge…do you accept compliments with an agreeing thank you? Is your vocabulary free of Can’ts? These are just 2 areas we can work on today.

Today I will spend the day using positive self talk…I am my best…fastest…most balanced!
I am excited to see how I can improve my runs, let go of fear of trying new water sports and handle money management…
All things I am pretty good with but often don’t give myself credit for…Negative self talk is a real downer!

Today I will list 3 positives about my self…
I will conquer 1 fear with joy,
And I will be happy to share my positive results with ya all later.

Let your inner critic nap today!
Tell yourself how blessed, beautiful and special ya are!!!

Good Luck


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