Day 1…Positive Acting Out

Today I snorkeled with Sher and a gorgeous school of fish and a few jellyfish. The jellyfish glistened hot pink in the sunlight!  They were simply breath taking…Beautiful.
I fully enjoyed myself and swam out way deeper than where I could stand. “ya go Ursula”  I know, a SUP girl that is a afraid on the ocean?!?

In my defense it is different being on a bored…and I usually paddle the lake…but this am the water is crystal clear and I am excited to have an OpportunitY
to embrace the ocean and my fears.

I was surprised by how easy it was to just have fun once I decided that was all I should do.
“just have fun” a new mantra I hope to use often.
Normally I would of been rushing…to where…for what?? I really don’t know…

It is important to be on time, but it is silly to stress when on your own time.
I am becoming great at living in the moment…

I saw each fish, felt the sun, studied each wave ripple…being present and enjoying each minute!!! Positive thoughts followed naturally(no effort) SWEET Practice…Positivity.

I am spreading Positive Joy!
I was so overwhelmed by the number of ya joining me to make a go of being your best u!

I am such a good cook!
I made Chris and I homemade pizza…followed by fried rice dinner for my hubby!

All in all I give today a 15 out of 10…can’t wait for tomorrow’s activity!!!

Stay tuned

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