Day 2…Positivity Continued…

100 Positive Activities Day 2

2. Pushing out all negative emotions.

Today is our 2nd day…I hope ya are being kind to yourself and will continue to give yourself mad props(compliments) for all ya do daily!!!
Meanwhile, it is time to dig deep and let go of all those old negative feelings. I know:HUGE!
Spend a few minutes today thinking(meditating) on the activities, people or material things ya need to let go of to be your most positive u!

Remember: To hold a grudge is to drink poison and expect the other guy will die!

Umm…I know holding on to anger, jealousy, hate(don’t feel this ever…Yucky!) or depression is just STUPID! I also realize if ya have been holding on tight to something it is often scary to let go…take a deep breath…smile and
Take a leap of JOY…let go…and I promise y’all grab something much better.

1.Today I will let go of one negative person(this does not mean ya have to avoid this person) we must learn to avoid the energy…to love, but not CARE!

2. Today I will let go of…anything negative…a feeling, quality, or personality trail.
And replace it with…a positive feeling, quality or trait.

3. Today I will give up an unnecessary material item(s) and donate it or use the funds to bring JOY to others.

We are; of course, KeepingSkinny in spirit and it is a great way to KeepSkinny in general!

Good Luck…will post results and Day 3 later”)


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